Lia Infraservices  offer platform-specific and cross-platform desktop app development services to assist you to turn a solid software system plan into a market sensation.At the pre-development stage, our team emphasizes careful designing and design style to advise on higher technological choices with regard to the Customer’s challenge and business and suggest a way to improve the solution’s performance.

UI design Our team works in tight collaboration with the client and developers to embrace user desires, complete identity, and latest trends thus on come back up with the concept of a desktop application that appears appealing and feels intuitive.


   Mobile Social Networking

    Utility Application development

    Web applications, GPS and Navigation apps

   Access transmission application development

   Bulk electronic communication via SMS gateway.

   Native and placement search access

   Communication & System apps


    Utility apps

   Task Management Enhancing apps

   Seamless information property apps

   Media enhancement apps

   Pocket Outlook managers and development for Microsoft workplace

   Apps with rich API support (Bluetooth)

   Windows mobile game application


While engaged in desktop application design, our team focuses on:

High-performance: With desktop apps being on the average quicker and a lot of powerful than their internet counterparts, we have a tendency to make certain our solutions are capable of advanced tasks quickly.

User convenience: All our apps endure scrupulous designing and intensive testing to create positive they're easy-to-use.

Security: With verified expertise in info security, we have a tendency to place a high worth on multilayer protection of delivered offline apps.

Smooth integration: To make sure that the deliverables handily work user activities, we have a tendency to produce desktop applications which will simply integrate with different custom enterprise software.

Long-term maintenance:

LIA InfraServices team offers full maintenance services to let the client seamlessly introduce the desktop software system and similarly applying to the rising business challenges by introducing new options. With 24/7 support, we strive for high-quality resolution of any issue in an affordable time.


Windows (7, 8, 10)

Mac OS (10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12)

Linux (Linux Ubuntu 12.04, 14,04, 16.04, Debian 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0)


Putting together customer needs and a vast technological experience, Our team opts for the most effective technology for every project.

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